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The Hampshire soap company was founded in 2023. They produce natural, luxurious soap using local Ingredients in the heart of Hampshire.
Stepping back to 2019, from a desire to create natural skin care for her young family, Debra learnt the art of traditional soap making and was soon creating her own natural soap and bath products. 

Whilst enjoying her new hobby and creating lots of handmade soap treats for her family.
 Covid hit. 
Debra wanted to help locally and delivered her soap to the community helping with the struggle felt across the nation.
It was during that time Debra started to source her soap making ingredients local due to high demands online. Whilst sourcing ingredients locally she discovered how much she enjoyed being a part of a community, as well as using fantastic local ingredients in her soap.
Debra opened the Hampshire Soap Company, a business where her ethos is to continue supporting local and to use her products to highlight the Hampshire community.
Using as local Ingredients as possible, such as Little Mountain Lavender Farm for her Lavender essential oil and Bunbury Bees Honey ensures she is doing just that, as well as making the best quality soap as possible. 



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